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Directa Plus, the first company in Europe to generate graphene-based products, was included in the Italian top ten of “cleantech” start-ups, the most innovative companies in the field of sustainable technologies.

Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms with unique properties, is once again at the core of the future technological and ecological scenario. This time, it owes this to Directa Plus, the first company in Europe to generate graphene-based industrial products.

The start-up based in Lomazzo (a pride of the Como Next scientific and technological park of Lombardy) was, in fact, included in the top ten of Italian “cleantech” SMEs.

The ranking is the result of the report on innovation in Italy "Italy Cleantech 10 report: a lens on innovative SMEs in Italy", drafted every year by the Cleantech Group in cooperation with the Italy Cleantech Network, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Italian Trade Agency (ICE). Its goal is to valorize the companies bound to revolutionize the field of sustainable technologies and to attract investments.

Following its research and development efforts, Directa Plus patented the G+ process generating graphene nanoplatelets (an ultra-thin powder made of nanometric chips of graphene for mixing with other materials), whose applications span across a variety of sectors, including green mobility, with the production of more performing and less polluting tires; clean energy, with more efficient batteries and supercapacitors, and water purification, with ultra-powerful filters.

The ranking was drafted by a panel of investors and representatives of companies operating in the sector, appointed by the Cleantech Group, considering both the technologies and the development and market potentials.

In addition to Directa Plus, the following companies were selected among 150 competitors: 40South Energy, producing electric power using waves; Beta Renewables, developing biofuels from farming waste and non-food plants; BMSolar, involved in new photovoltaic-related technologies; Electro Power Systems, well-established in the hydrogen-based fuel cells business; i-EM, designing ICT solutions for smart and integrated management of energy resources; IpadLab, offering diagnostic services and products for plant diseases that use an innovative methods based on molecular biology; Newlisi, specializing in the treatment of muds and process waters, reuse of purified waters, and recovery of valuable substances; Personal Factory (which we already mentioned here), designing systems for self-production of mortars, glues, pre-mixes, and chemicals for the building sector; and Underground Power, which patented a technology to transform traffic into a clean energy source.

Click here to download the full Italy Cleantech 10 report.

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Published on Wednesday, December 11, 2013


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